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Lyonic offers managed IT services for small and medium businesses. You’ll get amazing support from our help desk, reduced downtime and the comfort of knowing that your business is secure – all at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own I.T. staff.


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Technology Assessment

Our engineers will perform a Technology Risk Assessment of your IT environment and provide a detailed report of our findings, including recommendations.

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We standardize and document everything on your network so we can support your business efficiently. 

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manage & Support

With our management software, Lyonic will continuously keep your systems optimized and secured.


Please take a look at just a few of the services we provide.

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fast support

Your technical issues can be quickly resolved through our online help desk. When you open a ticket all of our engineers are notified so our response times are lightning fast.

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data protection

Your data will be safe with our redundant backup and disaster recovery solution. Local, cloud, file restore, and virtualization we cover it all.

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security services

Your network, servers and computers will be protected through a layered approach to security. Including the management of firewalls, antivirus, and email security.

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Proactive Maintenance

Your servers and computers will stay fine tuned with our automated maintenance procedures. Security patching and reporting are vital to your business.

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Your IT environment is yours, that is why we give you access to live and continually updated documentation about your network.

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24/7 Monitoring

Your business relies on your systems running well. Our software will keep an eye on your hardware and software to make sure everything is working, we are alerted when something goes wrong.


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